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Hello Everyone!!!

This program is a "voxel painter" ( i-e. block based 3d modeller) that i made using Godot. It can be used to make simple assets and then export them to wavefront(.obj) format which can be imported into blender or a Game Engine. If you are interested in the Source Code you can get it Here!. Also if you like this program, remember to give feedback in the comments.

Changes since the first release (ver 0.1):

  1. Tabs have icons (New)
  2. Can now draw continuously using "Shift + Left Mouse Button" (New)
  3. Some bug fixes (usual)
  4. Added alert panels (since ver: 1.1)
  5. An "Issue Tracker" option in help menu to post your ideas on GitHub.
  6.  An option in help menu to post an Issue (since ver: 1.1)
  7. Added undo/redo (since ver: 1.1)
  8.  Added a new "Paint" tool (since ver: 1.1)
  9. Added some minecraft textures (since ver: 1.0)
  10. You can now use your own Textures. The texture should be a  (1023 x 1024) image made of "6" (341 x 512) images (2 rows and 3 columns) an example texture is given with the software. (since ver: 1.0)

Also check my other creations:

Simple Instructions:

    At the moment, It comes with the following tools:

  1. Draw tool
  2. Erase tool
  3. Dropper
  4. Paint tool  


    You can navigate in the 3d view by using:

  1. Arrow keys to move (Simple movement)
  2. Shift + Arrow keys to rotate and move (Left-Right to rotate, Up-Down to move camera up or down)
  3. Right Mouse Button to rotate camera.


    value (-1 to 100)
    The value of Floor/Layer determines the height of placement of block using shortcut key (Page Up,Page Down) you can increase or decrease the layer by "1" (if you want more precision, you can manually set it in its field box, there you can set it as a multiple of "0.1"


    You can set them in the "Options tab"

1. Draw Tool:

        It will place a block where your Cursor is currently at. It will also remove a block if there is already a block there (one click for one block)

2. Eraser Tool:

        While pressing the Left Mouse Button, it will start erasing the blocks. (The Cursor should be placed in the same layer as the blocks you which to erase

3. Dropper Tool:

        If a block is already placed at the cursor position then the block material will be copied, else a new block will be created (one click for one block)

4. Paint Tool:

        If a block is present at the cursor position then it will be painted according to the color and texture selected.

Scaling/Rotating the brush:

    Furthermore, you can Scale (0.1 - 1.0) and Rotate(0 - 360 degrees) in the "Options tab".

For better understanding, i have also included some examples with this program. I hope that this program or the examples will be of some use.
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, 3d-modeler, Blender, Game Design, Godot, Open Source, Painting, tool, Voxel


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I love it, if i had money i would give you some. 

Thanks, Glad you like it!

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excelent tool, keep improving it!!!


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very useful tool. my only complaint is the mouse sensitivity, everything can sway too fast while trying to do more precise stacking. looking forward to more improvements in the future.


Thanks. Actually the snap option for the block is set to "2" by default if more accurate placement of blocks is required then the value could be lowered as required.

ah ok. what i mean't tho is the mouse sensitivity when you move your mouse, sways way too fast.